Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paintball game at Isi Rimba Camp.

Today, 6 of us went to Isi Rimba camp for paintball game… If you wonder where is it located… The brochure attached below will be of great help…

Yes... it is located somewhere nearby Zoo Negara. Feel free to click on the picture to enlarge it.

Each of us was just given a (smelly) face mask, a "marker" (they called the gun as "marker" as it was originally used by the native Americans to mark on the trees), and a refill of pallets. We had 300 pallets each. No pallet-proof armor was given anyway... Your own body will be the "armor" and take all the pain...

We played at 3 different scenes (2 rack-ball courts and jungle) and all of us got shots like hell… I even got the pain at my “balls”…

Random shot at one of the rack-ball courts where Min Jie and Ben were trying their best to "kill" each other.

Groupie pic. Me, Suet Wei, Min Jie, Kit Mei, Pei Lee and Ben.

Just another groupie pic.

At the end of the day...

3 of us need to throw away our sport shoes.

And all of us got bruises and bleeding here-and-there.

In conclusion, shooting people is a fun experience but being shot is not fun at all… It was damn pain okay? (And I mean it.) Perhaps I just have more nociceptors...

* paintball = pain balls? *

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farewell Fang Jen.

Fang Jen is leaving in less than 6 hours and we all decided to drag him out before he is going back Moscow. Well, he is not coming back Malaysia for next year’s holidays as he has accumulated enough postings. Dude… safe journey back to Moscow!

We met Yew Chan at Serdang and he brought us to this Wings Café. Hmm… much more better than Dai Ga Lok…

High-class looking Wings Café… The price for foods and beverages is of “high-class” range too…

Kit Mei – Lucky gal of the day who has won the JingJing (one of Beijing Olympics’ mascots) in a lucky draw.

Kit Mei, Fang Jen and Suet Wei.

Michael and Leng Chai Gor Gor…

Leng Chai Gor Gor and Albert Kok molesting JingJing (my name is not Albert anyway, but he just loved to call me that since secondary school… Albert = L-Bird? LOLs)…
JingJing: Take your hands off my nipples!

Kit Mei, Ben, Chan Hoe, Min Jie, Fang Jen, Suet Wei and I.

Now the picture (somehow) completes... Ben, me, Fang Jen, Chan Hoe, Min Jie and Yew Chan.

Santa Claus giving out biscuits…

Goodbye Fang Jen… We all know that's a sign of "happily in love" but it'd be nice if you can lose it down a bit... LOLs.

And… THANKS to Boss Ben for the treat and Min Jie for the biscuits. =)

* till then *

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

OUM 6th Convocation.

Nope. It was not my convocation… I already had mine on May. =) It was my aunt’s convocation… She works as a teacher but still she able to spare out some of her time in order to get a science degree. There is one Chinese saying sounds like this “One can keep learning despite of the aging process” (huo2 dao4 lao3, xue2 dao4 lao3), I guess my aunt is a good role model for this.

Well, the convocation ceremony of Open University Malaysia (OUM) held at Dewan Merdeka, PWTC. It was less likely to spot young graduates around as from what my sis told me, OUM is mostly opened to those who aged >30. To be frank, I really salute them for their strong determination. Most of them are working their full-time job, owned a family and need to take good care of their family… not forgetting other commitments in life. But still they able to spare out their precious time and complete a degree, which is not an easy task for sure. Congratulations everyone!

4 teachers in a row. Ms. Yap, Ms. Lee, Ms. Lee again, Ms. Lau.

Aunt and I.

Cousin sis, sis, mom, nephew, aunt and I.

And here are some weird scenes of the day...

Food fest at parking lot?

3 camwhores in a car. My nephew showed great potential to be the next top camwhore. LOLs.

* congratulations! *

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The letter.

I’ve got the letter from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA), FINALLY! Well, I need to go for a medical check-up and to take a pledge (surat akuan sumpah) at a local court in a week time. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the second letter (which should be in 2 weeks time from now) from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) where they will state to where I’ll be sent to. Please… DO NOT send me too far away from home… Please. (I’m begging hard ok?)

If you are observant enough, you may notice the date of the letter is 3/7/2008 which is (more than) a month ago. What takes SPA so long to mail us the letters? Well, the conversation below might be of a little help.

(A= SPA staff A, B = SPA staff B, C= A cleaner who works at SPA)

A: Aiyoh… tu students dari IMU… leceh sangat ni… telefon tiap-tiap hari mau surat.
B: Ya... memang leceh... semalam aku juga terima call daripada mereka...
A: Jadi apa ya lu beritahu mereka ?
B: Aku cakap dalam proses penghantaran lah... Jika tidak nanti mereka call lagi. Leceh ni...
A: Oh I see, jadi surat tu benar-benar dalam proses penghantaran ke? I beritahu mereka dalam proses je...
B: Manu aku tau? Aku cakap benda yang sama bila mereka call... Haha.

A & B was continuing their conversation... At the same time, C was cleaning one of the office desks and "discovered" something on it…

C: Kak A, tu kuih-muih masih mau ke?
A: Kuih apa tu?

A & B headed to the desk…

A: Aiyoh… kuih ni dah basi dah.
B: C, tolong buangkan kuih ni...
C: Boleh... tu alas bawah kuih kena buang juga ke?
A & B: Alas?
C: Hmm... tu alas macam surat lah.

A & B took up one of the “alas”s and…

A: Alamak… tu surat untuk IMU students lah…
B: Macam mana ni ? Dah lewat satu bulan dah...
A: Kirimlah cepat-cepat... Nanti mereka complaint kami pulak. Nasib baik kami perasan awal-awal... Alhamdulillah.

Disclaimer: The conversation above is just an imaginary scenario. No offences anyway… Please do not sue me for whatever reasons… =P

I flipped through the medical examination form and I found this…

What?! What’s the point of checking the guys’ genitals and gals need not to do it? OMG… (Pemeriksaan uro jantina = examination of the “private part” for both genders)

* time to brush up Bahasa Melayu *

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lunch at Imperial City Restaurant.

We were at Imperial City Restaurant to celebrate my sis's BIG DAY... Nope my sis is not getting married yet... It's her 21st birthday (the actual date is 12th August)!!!

Well, if you are to listen to my opinion on this Imperial City... I would say "Not really worth the price! And the wine sucked. I'd rather pay slightly more to go for Ah Yat abalones..." Anyway it was not me who paid the bill for this time... =P

Crab in three combination.

Braised shark's fin soup with dried scallops.

Roasted chicken with fermented beancurd.

Steamed Mandarin fish with bean sauce.

Baked white prawns with special sauce.

Stir-fried Hong Kong vegetables with Yunan ham.

Longevity noodles in special sauce.

Chilled sweetened Longan with sago & Chinese pastries.

And... Haagen Dazs mango passion fruit ice-cream cake. I'm loving it! I guess everyone does...

But too bad it melted... I guess the waiter had no idea that it's an ice-cream cake and he should store it properly in a freezer (instead of a chilled room).

Stand, L-R: Me, sis, aunt, uncle, and cousin.
Sit, L-R: Dad, mom, auntie Wong and uncle Wong.

* happy birthday sis! *

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Yew Chan!

Supposedly it should be a whole gathering + YC's birthday pre-celebration (his actual birthday is on 28th July). However, some of them turned down due to various reasons...

Chien Fui had video shooting at one of the hotels and would not make it.
Chan Hoe had a talk to attend and would not make it.
Min Jie had a political meeting to attend and would not make it.
Ying Ni and Yong Kwan had company event to attend and would not make it as well...

But still, we had fun with Fang Jen's presence... He used to be a humorous guy and now he still is. But we were pity for him as his ear lobes were in red... He should "thank" Suet Wei and Kit Mei for that. LOL...

YC with his cake and present - ESPRIT wallet.

YC, KM, FJ, Ben and SW.

YC, KM, FJ, SW and I.

Groupie pic... I've been blocked!

"Happy Birthday!" This is for Poh Kum and Wilson whose b'days fall on 28th of July.

* happy birthdayS! *

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Yen Wei!

It has been sometime I didn't see YW since we got back from Hong Kong. I remember one of his sms saying he missed those old days we yum char together. Sempena his birthday, we decided to "invite" him to come to KL so that we all can celebrate with him. Li Guo, Zhi Yang, Yen Wei and I had a drink at Murni a night before his birthday. It was like those old days where we talked nonsense like nobody business and you know... YW's imaginary questions were indispensable.

On the next day, YW, ZY and I went breakfast together before meeting up with LG at Times Square. We went Low Yat Plaza together as YW had something to buy. After that, we went back to Times Square's Gasoline and waited for Han Ping's arrival.

The birthday boy, YW with his birthday present - ESPRIT sling bag.

YW, LG and HP.

YW, ZY and I.

It's cake-feeding time!

* happy birthday! *

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